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South Carolina Public Records

South Carolina Public Records, Dockets & Cases At Court Administration Offices

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South Carolina Public Records

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control maintains South Carolina public records, with registration of births/deaths starting in 1915, marriages in 1950, and divorces in 1962. Family members only can obtain copies by mail, in person, or by phone/online through VitalChek. Marriage records prior to 1950 and after 2010 are obtained from the local probate court. Historical vital records dating to 1641 are available at the Department of Archives and History. South Carolina public records from court are available without restriction, recent ones either online or at the court and historical ones at the South Carolina Department of Archives and History.

Lookup Public Records In South Carolina Counties

Charleston  County

South Carolina's Charleston County Public Records Department allows individuals to search online, through the Probate Court, for marriage licenses, estate and will information and for information regarding conservatorship and guardianship. The Public Records Department maintains all information relating to the county's civil, criminal and family courts.

Greenville  County

South Carolina's Greenville County Register of Deeds has two search tools available to individuals interested in obtaining public records information. Some of the information regarding public records that can be found through these search engines includes: affidavits, deeds, indexes, land grants, and plats. Individuals can search by date, either before 1990 or after 1990.

Richland  County

South Carolina's Richland County Fifth Judicial Circuit provides a public index search that allows individuals to search for court cases related to Richland County. Individuals may search this online public index by case number, filed date or by select case parties. The county website also features a marriage license search tool and an estate search tool.

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