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Texas Public Records

Statewide vital record filing in Texas began in 1903 for births and deaths; however, they are not Texas public records for 75 years for births and 25 years for deaths. The Texas Department of State Health Services maintains an online service called, the state’s official eGovernment site. Requests for birth/death certificates, and verification letters of marriages (1966-2005) or divorces (1968-2006), can also be by mail or in person. Copies of marriage licenses and divorces are obtained from the appropriate court or district clerk. Records dating to 1836 are available through genealogical societies and the Texas State Library. All court records are Texas public records.

Lookup Public Records In Texas Counties

Dallas  County

Texas' Dallas County, through the County District Clerk's Office and the County Clerk's Office, maintains all records relating to the county courts. All county court records are available online. The court records available include criminal case records, civil case records and family case records. Dallas County also provides an online criminal background search service.

Harris  County

Texas' Harris County Clerk's Office is responsible for maintaining all records regarding real property transactions, marriage licenses, and birth and death certificates. The County Clerk also maintains records relating to the Commissioners Court, the Probate Courts and the County Civil Courts. This office issues copies of all birth, death and marriage certificates.

Tarrant  County

Texas' Tarrant County Clerk maintains the county's vital records, including birth records, death records and marriage certificates. An online application form can be completed, printed and mailed to the County Clerk. This office also has a number of online tools for searching for marriage records, public court records, probate records, traffic court records and justice of the peace court records.

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