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Vermont Public Records

Vermont enacted early mandatory vital records: townwide in 1799, statewide in 1857. The Department of Health Office of Vital Records maintains only the most current five years; older records are at the Vermont State Archives and Records Administration, administered by the Vermont Office of the Secretary of State. All birth, marriage, divorce, and death records are considered Vermont public records, open to the public, and can be ordered online or by mail: records since 1909 through the Archives and all years at the town clerk. Court records administered by the Office of the Court Administrator are also Vermont public records by law, dating to 1777 statehood.

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Chittenden  County

Vermont's Chittenden County Superior Court provides a search engine for individuals seeking Chittenden County court information. Other information and records obtained through this office include: probate court information, such as wills, settlement of estates, as well as adoptions, guardianships and name changes. Some of the records that the County Superior Court maintains includes: appeals, foreclosure, small claims, probate appeals, tax appeals, insurance, contracts, and personal injury. Individuals interested in obtaining court information through Chittenden County Superior Court may search by name, docket number, type of docket and the year. The Chittenden Superior Court also handles all passport processing for the county. The Superior Court hears over 4,300 civil cases, most of which are of the small claims variety. The Court hears mainly civil cases, which involve the private rights of organizations and individuals.

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