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Washington Public Records

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Washington Public Records

Washington public records include birth, marriage, divorce, and death vital records, all administered by the Center for Health Statistics in the Washington State Department of Health. Birth and death records date from 1907, while marriage and divorce records date from 1968. Copies can be obtained in person, by mail or phone, or online through VitalChek. Earlier records for births can be located at the local health jurisdiction or the county auditor, deaths at the Washington State Archives, marriages at the county auditor, and divorces from county clerks of court. Court documents are also Washington public records and are available at the court of record.

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King  County

Washington's King County Vital Statistics, through the Public Health, maintains and makes available vital records, including birth certificates and death certificates. The Superior Clerk's Office of King County maintains records of all court cases related to the county. The Superior Court provides an online, searchable index for individuals interested in obtaining court records.

Pierce  County

Washington's Pierce County Health Department, Office of Vital Records, is responsible for maintaining all vital records, including birth and death certificates. Individuals may request birth or death certificates by visiting in person, by sending a written request through the mail or by using the online service. Birth and death records for Pierce County are available from 1907 to the present.

Snohomish  County

Washington's Snohomish County holds it vital records in different locations. Birth records may be obtained through the Snohomish Health District; death records may be obtained through the Snohomish Health District, except for deaths before Jul 1, 1907, which can be obtained through the County Auditor's Recording Division.

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