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Wyoming Public Records

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Wyoming Public Records

Wyoming public records are restricted to family members for 100 years for births and 50 years for marriages, divorces, and deaths. Vital Statistics Services at the Wyoming Department of Health maintains on file records for births and deaths since 1909 and records for marriages and divorces since 1941. Older records, including all non-restricted vital records, can be obtained from the Wyoming State Archives. Wyoming public records include civil and criminal court records, available to anyone as a matter of public record. Most Wyoming court records are on file at either the Wyoming State Archives or at the local courthouse.

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Laramie  County

Wyoming's Laramie County Clerk is responsible for maintaining and issuing records of marriages. Laramie County's Clerk of the District Court is charged with processing, maintaining and managing all case files related to the courts of Laramie County. Some of the cases managed by this office include: civil matters, including judgments, divorces and adoptions, criminal felonies, juvenile crimes, paternity and child support enforcement cases and probate matters, including estate and involuntary commitments.

Natrona  County

Wyoming's Natrona County Clerk of District Court handles the following court cases: civil, criminal, probate, paternity, juvenile and adoption. The Clerk of District Court also acts as the appellate court for courts of lesser jurisdiction, such as the Municipal Court and the Circuit Court. Although District Court cases are not available online for Natrona County, individuals seeking court information may contact the Clerk of City Court either in person or through the mail.

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