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Where To Access Court Records In Alabama

Alabama  Office of the Administrative Director

About This Office:

The Alabama Administrative Office of Courts is a central registry for information regarding judicial courts and appellate courts, as well as publications, including annual reports, court news and press releases.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in obtaining Alabama court records can use the Court’s Alacourt system, which offers instant access to trial court records in all Alabama counties in either real time through the use of the State’s computer database, or offline through a backup database. The system contains all current, active cases, as well as disposed cases dating back as far as the late 1970s.

Access To Alabama Court Records:

The Alabama Office of the Administrative Director is the central registry for all court information in the state. The cases include those of the judicial courts, appellate courts, State Supreme Court, Court of Civil Appeals, Court of Criminal Appeals and the Court of Judiciary. These courts address all the criminal and civil cases in the state. The cases available are criminal records, civil records, small claims records, state traffic records, domestic relations and child support.

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