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Arkansas Court Records

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Where To Access Court Records In Arkansas

Arkansas  Administrative Office of Courts

About This Office:

The Arkansas Administrative Office of the Courts contains all information relating to the Arkansas courts, as well as publications and forms, press releases, announcements and recent Supreme Court Opinions. It also includes information on education and careers and conferences and events.

Court Records At This Office:

Court records can be obtained through the National Center for State Courts Digital Archive, which can be accessed through the Arkansas Judiciary’s website. Court records can be found by entering simple keywords or by using advanced searches. Individuals may also search using topic-based collections within the system.

Access To Arkansas Court Records:

Arkansas court records are kept by the Arkansas Administrative Office of Courts. The office makes available opinions for the supreme and appeals courts, as well as case records, information on involved parties, case histories, and judgments for the circuit courts. District and municipal courts (which handle misdemeanors, preliminary felonies, and small claims cases) do not have information available through the AOC. Full public court records are available in person, and limited information is available online.

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