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The Arizona Administrative Office of Courts is the central agency for all court information and specifically for the records of 180 state Supreme Courts, Superior Courts, Justice Courts, and City Courts. The cases available are felony criminal, civil, small claims records, family law and domestic relations cases, and state traffic cases. Confidential cases not available to the public by the Arizona Administrative Office of Courts include juvenile cases, unserved orders of protection, mental health, and probate cases.

Access to Arizona Court Records

Retrieving Records

Information on the Arizona public court records maintained by the Arizona Administrative Office of Courts is available online through "Public Access to Court Information", a free online service, searchable by name or case number. The online search provides information on case type, charges, filing and disposition dates, the parties in the case not including victims and witnesses, the judge, the court mailing address, and location. A summary of case activity and case minutes can be accessed as well.


Arizona Judicial Branch's "Public Access to Court Information" is a free online search, providing access to case minutes as well as a case summary.

Years Available

Arizona public court records online include 153 of the 180 courts administered by the Arizona Administrative Office of Courts, dating back to the 1960s.