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Colorado  State Court Administrator

About This Office:

The Colorado State Judicial Branch is a central registry for Arizona court, probation and jury information, as well as media-related information, including press releases, recent orders and opinions of interest, media alerts, judge appointments, cases of interest and case announcements.

Court Records At This Office:

Records of the court are available on the Internet, although access to trial court cases and files is not currently available through the Colorado Judicial Branch website. In addition, copies of court documents are not accessible through the website. In order to obtain specific information regarding a court case, individuals must physically visit the court in which the action was filed.

Access To Colorado Court Records:

Colorado’s state court system has three tiers: Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and trial courts (district, county, and water courts). The Supreme Court hears appeals from the Court of Appeals, which in turn hears appeals from the 22 district courts. District courts hold original jurisdiction for most civil and criminal cases, as well as juvenile, probate and domestic relations. County courts hear smaller civil cases, misdemeanors, traffic infractions, and small claims. The Colorado State Court Administrator oversees all courts.

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