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Connecticut Court Records

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Where To Access Court Records In Connecticut

Connecticut  Chief Court Administrator

About This Office:

Connecticut Office of the Chief Court Administrator is a central database for Connecticut court information, including jury information, attorney information, educational resources, e-services and jury information. In addition, this website features an online media resource center.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in accessing Connecticut court records must make a written request to the Court Reporter’s Office at the judicial district where the case took place. Requests cannot be emailed, and the letter must include the case number, the docket number, the judge’s name and the location where the case was heard.

Access To Connecticut Court Records:

Connecticut has some of the oldest court records in America, dating back to 1637. Historical records from the old general, particular, assistants, and county courts are held at the Connecticut State Library, including records of the superior courts through the mid-20th century. Today’s court system is comprised of the Supreme Court, Appellate Court, 15 superior courts and probate courts, with the Chief Court Administrator responsible for all. Modern court cases records are available from the clerk of court.

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