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Delaware Administrative Office of the Courts

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Administrative Office of the Courts

Supreme Court of Delaware

500 N King St, #11600 Wilmington, DE 19801

Records Available:

Delaware vital records are limited-access records at the Delaware Bureau of Vital Statistics, that can be requested by family and only in person, by mail, phone, or online through VitalChek. After 72 years (births) and 40 years (marriages and deaths), they become Delaware public records housed on microfilm at the Delaware Public Archives. Statewide recording was instituted in 1913; prior to 1913 the records were collected by the county recorder of deeds. The office of the county prothonotary has custody of divorce records until 1975. Court records, whose responsibility lies with the Delaware Administrative Office of the Courts, are also considered Delaware public records.

Delaware  Court Record Availability

All trial court record access must be done at the local level. There is a second office in Georgetown, DE.

Access to Delaware Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Administrative Office of the Courts uses efiling in the common pleas and justice of the peace courts using eflex. Only the court of chancery has docket and pleadings records online through a private vendor: For all other records at all other courts, written requests must be made to the custodian of records, who is the Court Administrator or Clerk of Court at the court of record. Some courts allow oral requests in person or faxing of requests.


The cost of obtaining court records is usually a nominal fee depending on the number and type of copy (certified or not) requested.

Years Available

Court records back to 1676 are at the Delaware Public Archives. Recent court records are available at the specific court, maintained by the clerk of court.