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Iowa State Court Administrator

Court Records

State office

Clerk of Supreme Court

Judicial Branch Bldg

111 East Court Ave Des Moines, IA 50319

Records Available:

The Iowa State Court Administration is responsible for maintaining Iowa court records for the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, district courts, and juvenile courts. Basic case information is available; this includes case titles and filings, criminal charges, case disposition, child support payments, and fine payments. Advanced searches include case schedules, judgment index, lien index, exhibit lists, bonds, and service returns. Information is entered as soon as possible, but delays in data entry may occur.

Iowa  Court Record Availability

Access docket information using the online system described below. Copies of case files must be obtained from the trial courts.

Access to Iowa Court Records

Retrieving Records

An index of all proceedings and filings in all court cases maintained by all Iowa clerk of court offices are online and searchable at Searches may be made using the names of parties or attorneys. Complete documents are not on this online database but can be obtained at the clerk of court for the court in which each case was tried. Information on cases considered confidential, such as mental health cases, is not available online.


Basic information is free. This includes case titles and filings, criminal charges, case disposition, child support, and fine payments. There is a $25 monthly registration fee for advanced search services.

Years Available

Case records for most counties are online beginning in 1997, but some counties' online records may go back to 1991. Records prior to 1991 are available in person.