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Iowa  State Court Administrator

About This Office:

The Iowa Judicial Branch serves as a resource for the courts of Iowa. Some of the information that can be found here includes: online court records, online court services, professional regulation information, public information, advisory committees, jury service and court rules and forms.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals searching for Iowa court records can search through an online docket record search. Most information, including case titles and filings, case disposition, child support payments, fine payments and criminal charges, is free of charge. Individuals may also pay a monthly registration fee of $25 to gain access to advanced search tools and additional information, including case schedules, lien index, judgment index, exhibit lists, service returns and bonds.

Access To Iowa Court Records:

The Iowa State Court Administration is responsible for maintaining Iowa court records for the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, district courts, and juvenile courts. Basic case information is available; this includes case titles and filings, criminal charges, case disposition, child support payments, and fine payments. Advanced searches include case schedules, judgment index, lien index, exhibit lists, bonds, and service returns. Information is entered as soon as possible, but delays in data entry may occur.

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