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Kansas Court Records

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Court Records

Where To Access Court Records In Kansas

Kansas  Court Administration

About This Office:

The Kansas Office of Judicial Administration is a central registry, database and research center for the courts of Kansas. Some of the information that can be obtained through the Kansas Judicial Branch includes: self-help information, recently published opinions, oral arguments, news releases, attorney resources, case filings, and statistics.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in accessing Kansas court records through the Kansas Judicial Branch should contact the clerk of the court through the court where the case was heard. Some requests must be submitted in writing, and the records custodian will have a prepared form to complete the written request process. Most requests for records can be processed within three business days.

Access To Kansas Court Records:

The Kansas Court Administration of the Kansas Judicial Branch maintains records of court cases heard in Kansas. Court records include those of civil and criminal cases, including divorce, domestic relations, damage suits, probate, administration of estates, guardianships, conservatorships, care of the mentally ill, juvenile matters, and small claims. Court of Appeals and Supreme Court cases are also counted as court records. Adoption, juvenile, expunged, mental and drug treatment, unserved warrants, and certain other records are not available.

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