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Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts

Court Records

State office

Administrative Office of the Courts

Records Unit

100 Millcreek Park Frankfort, KY 40601

Records Available:

The Supreme Court of Kentucky is the final interpreter of state law. The Court of Appeals reviews cases from the lower courts but does not retry. Circuit courts have general jurisdiction over civil matters over $5,000, capital offenses, felonies, land dispute, and probate dispute cases. District courts have limited jurisdiction, handling juvenile cases, city/county ordinances, misdemeanors, traffic offenses, small claims, and other small civil cases. The Administrative Office of the Courts oversees all the courts.

Kentucky  Court Record Availability

The Administrative Office of the Courts offers a service of providing statewide criminal background checks.

Access to Kentucky Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Administrative Office of the Courts offers criminal record reports for a nominal fee. The CourtRecords online system searches case records by name, case, or citation, but this is only an index system, displaying the names, case number, and parties, to allow payments or to register for VINE Court Service, which notifies victims when their offender’s status changes. CourtNet is restricted to attorneys. The clerk of the court of record must be contacted for court record copies.


The CourtRecords indexing online system is free. VINE victim registration is free. Criminal record reports and copies of case records are available at a nominal fee.

Years Available

Microfilmed historical records from statehood in 1792 are at the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives. Current records are maintained by the clerk of the specific court.