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Maryland Court Records

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Where To Access Court Records In Maryland

Maryland  Administrative Office of the Courts

About This Office:

The Maryland Judiciary oversees all information relating to the Maryland Court System. Some of the information that can be found through the Maryland Administrative Office of the Courts include: court information, a media resource center, publications and reports, educational resources, resources for legal professionals and resources for citizens.

Court Records At This Office:

Access to Maryland court records can be performed using a Case Search, which is an Internet-based search within the District Court System and the Circuit Courts. A Public Access Brochure and related forms are available through the Maryland Judiciary to assist individuals when accessing court records. Individuals may also fill out a form to request sealed or shielded case records.

Access To Maryland Court Records:

The Maryland Administrative Office of the Courts is responsible for maintaining Maryland court records, with court case information available online through “Case Search,” which replaces information requests made to the Clerk of Court. Case Search includes information on all civil, traffic, and criminal cases in the state. The online information details the case number, trial date, names of the party(ies), city and state address, date(s) of birth, charge, and case disposition, with information updated every evening.

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