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The Maryland Administrative Office of the Courts is responsible for maintaining Maryland court records, with court case information available online through “Case Search,” which replaces information requests made to the Clerk of Court. Case Search includes information on all civil, traffic, and criminal cases in the state. The online information details the case number, trial date, names of the party(ies), city and state address, date(s) of birth, charge, and case disposition, with information updated every evening.

Maryland  Court Record Availability

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Access to Maryland Court Records

Retrieving Records

Access to Maryland court pubic records is free through Maryland Judiciary Case Search, the online search system that covers all district and circuit court cases and maintained by the Maryland Administrative Office of the Courts. District courts have jurisdiction over traffic cases, misdemeanors, some specific felonies, domestic violence, and civil cases. Circuit courts have jurisdiction over more serious criminal cases and the serious civil cases. Shielded or sealed records must be requested in writing, with appropriate reasons and identification.


Court records are available online for free from Case Search. This includes all district and circuit court cases with the exception of those sealed or shielded.

Years Available

The availability of these records vary by county and type of case, generally from the early 1990s for civil records and late 1990s for criminal cases.