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Michigan  State Court Administrative Office

About This Office:

The Michigan State Court Administrative Office, which oversees the Michigan Supreme Court and the other state courts, is a central registry for information relating to the Michigan court system, including court and public resources, information for the legal community and a comprehensive news center.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in obtaining information regarding Michigan court records through the Michigan State Court Administrative Office can do so by contacting the appropriate clerk of the court. Each clerk of the court is responsible for keeping records in accordance with the Michigan Supreme Court. The Michigan State website provides locations and phone number for all Michigan courts.

Access To Michigan Court Records:

Michigan court records are dispersed through several agencies. The Michigan State Court Administrative Office maintains records for the Michigan Supreme Court. The Appeals Court and the various district, circuit, probate, Indian tribal, and county trial courts maintain their own records, and the information available varies. Supreme Court orders and opinions, as well as Appeals Court case status and information are available. Information available for the various lower courts depends on the individual court.

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