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Minnesota Court Records

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Where To Access Court Records In Minnesota

Minnesota  State Court Administrator

About This Office:

The Minnesota State Court Administrator’s Office provides direction for the Minnesota State Judicial Branch and is responsible for maintaining a central registry for information relating to the courts, including programs and services, publications and reports, information for the media, and information for students.

Court Records At This Office:

Minnesota court records can be searched through an online search engine called the MPA Remote, which a public-view version of the Minnesota Court Information System. Individuals can search for district trial court records, Supreme Court records and appellate court records through the MPA Remote system. Information contained on this system is not, however, considered official court records.

Access To Minnesota Court Records:

You can obtain court records from the Minnesota State Court Administrator’s office, which maintains records for the supreme, appellate, and trial (district) courts. All cases in the state of Minnesota are handled by these courts. For the supreme and appellate courts, opinions, court orders, and case records are available. For the trial courts, information is available for criminal and civil cases, family court cases, probate, petty misdemeanors, and traffic cases.

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