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Minnesota State Court Administrator

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State office

State Court Administrator

25 Rev ML King Blvd, #135 St Paul, MN 55155

Records Available:

You can obtain court records from the Minnesota State Court Administrator’s office, which maintains records for the supreme, appellate, and trial (district) courts. All cases in the state of Minnesota are handled by these courts. For the supreme and appellate courts, opinions, court orders, and case records are available. For the trial courts, information is available for criminal and civil cases, family court cases, probate, petty misdemeanors, and traffic cases.

Minnesota  Court Record Availability

Except for certain online research capabilities, all court record access must be done at the local level.

Access to Minnesota Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Minnesota State Court Administrator’s office provides online access for all of its courts, the supreme, appellate, and trial courts, each via their own system. The appellate courts have records available via MACS, the Minnesota Appellate Court Case Management System. For the trial courts, there is MPA Remote, the Minnesota Trial Courts Public Access System. More information can be obtained in person at any courthouse than is available online, even for the general public.


Information such as involved parties, case decisions, court orders, and written opinions can be obtained online or at any courthouse for no charge.

Years Available

Supreme and appeals court records are available online to any member of the public back to 1996. No dates are given for trial courts records available.