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Missouri Administrative Office of Courts

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2112 Industrial Drive - PO Box 104480 Jefferson City, MO 65110

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The State Courts Administrator keeps Missouri court records. For the Supreme and appellate courts, the office provides minutes, opinions, and opinion orders. All trials and other non-appeals cases are handled by the circuit courts, which provide docket entries, party information, and judgments, along with other information. The circuit courts handle criminal and civil cases, including family, probate, juvenile, small claims, and municipal cases. Missouri court records are available online and in person at a courthouse.

Missouri  Court Record Availability

Contact local courts for trial court records or see online below.

Access to Missouri Court Records

Retrieving Records

The system, provided by the State Courts Administrator, provides online access to case information for many of Missouri’s circuit courts. The system does not include all courts. You can search by party name, filing date, or case number, and you can look at a schedule of upcoming trials and hearings. Information available includes party names and addresses, docket entries, case history, attorney information, and judgments entered. Records are available for civil and criminal cases.


Case records are available online and in person free of charge for all Supreme and appeals court cases and all circuit court cases deemed public under state law.

Years Available

Supreme and appeals court records are available online back to 1997. For the system, dates vary by court, but mostly begin in the 1990s or 2000s.