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Mississippi Court Administrator

Court Records

State office

Administrative Office of Courts

PO Box 117 Jackson, MS 39205

Records Available:

Mississippi’s 22 circuit courts have jurisdiction over felony criminal and civil cases and hear appeals from county and youth courts, justice courts, municipal courts, and drug and chancery courts. Municipal courts have jurisdiction over misdemeanors and traffic violations. Mississippi also has a supreme court and court of appeals. It is judiciary policy that the public interest is best served by open courts and records. The Mississippi Court Administrator is the central registry for all court matters.

Mississippi  Court Record Availability

A fax subscription service is available for county level records. The online look-up is only for Supreme Court case dockets.

Access to Mississippi Court Records

Retrieving Records

Mississippi began testing electronic court record filing in 2005 with a pilot program called MEC (Management/Electronic Case Filing) under the supervision of the Mississippi Court Administrator, initiated in 2009 in Madison County with expansion plans to the other counties. Supreme court and court of appeals rulings, orders, judgments, and opinions are also available online for free. Copies of records can be obtained by mail, phone, or online order from the appropriate clerk of court.


The Management/Electronic Case Filing system (MEC) is a free online search. The website for the supreme court and court of appeals has links to their free online system.

Years Available

Mississippi has maintained court records since 1799. The earlier records (1799-1859) are at the Mississippi Archives. All past and current records are available to the public.