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North Dakota State Office of Court Administration

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North Dakota Supreme Court

600 E Blvd Ave, Dept 180 Bismarck, ND 58505-0530

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The North Dakota judicial system consists of a Supreme Court plus appellate, district, and municipal courts. The Court of Appeals hears only cases assigned by the Supreme Court; some years there are none. Seven district courts have original and general jurisdiction in all cases, including criminal felony, criminal misdemeanor, and civil cases. The municipal courts have jurisdiction of all violations of municipal ordinances. The North Dakota State Office of Court Administration maintains information for all the courts.

Access to North Dakota Court Records

Retrieving Records

In 2011, the North Dakota State Office of Court Administration unveiled NDCRI (North Dakota Courts Records Inquiry), the online information system for criminal, civil, traffic, probate, and family cases, including judgments, calendars, and registers of action. Different counties added historical data as of different dates, generally from the late 1990s (1990-2003). The Supreme Court has a separate online docket, court opinions, hearing schedules, judgments, and decisions search. Record copies are available from the clerk of the appropriate court.


The NDCRI online search system for criminal, civil and traffic cases is free, as is the Supreme Court online system for docket, opinion and judgment searching.

Years Available

Historical court records dating to 1861 reside at the State Archives and Historical Research Library. The online NDCRI system has records generally from the 1990s.