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New Jersey  Administrative Office of Courts

About This Office:

The New Jersey Administrative Office of the Courts is the administrative arm of the New Jersey Court System. In addition to maintaining information regarding the courts, the Administrative Office of the Courts also maintains information on calendars and schedules, opinions, trial court decisions, state resources, attorney regulations, and press releases and newsletters.

Court Records At This Office:

Access to New Jersey court records may be obtained through the Office of the Superior Court. Civil division, criminal division, family division and municipal court records are all available for review by the public.

Access To New Jersey Court Records:

State court records for New Jersey are kept by the Administrative Office of the Courts. This office keeps records for the Supreme, appeals, and superior courts. Records in civil and criminal cases are generally public records, while family cases are generally closed. Records are available in person, with a small amount of information available online. Records of the municipal courts, which handle many cases, are generally open but are kept locally.

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