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New Jersey Administrative Office of Courts

Court Records

State office

Administrative Office of Courts

RJH Justice Complex, 7th Fl

PO Box 037 Trenton, NJ 08625

Records Available:

State court records for New Jersey are kept by the Administrative Office of the Courts. This office keeps records for the Supreme, appeals, and superior courts. Records in civil and criminal cases are generally public records, while family cases are generally closed. Records are available in person, with a small amount of information available online. Records of the municipal courts, which handle many cases, are generally open but are kept locally.

New Jersey  Court Record Availability

Supreme and Appellate opinions and current calendars are available at the website. The state has several automated case tracking systems, including case histories. However, this is not accessible directly by the public.

Access to New Jersey Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Administrative Office of the Courts maintains online court records on a limited scale for the Supreme and appeals courts and for civil cases in the superior courts. Supreme and appellate opinions are available online ten business days after publishing. Through the Civil Case Public Access system, you can access party information, judgments, motions, complaints, and other information for civil cases in the superior courts. You can search by party name, location, and docket number, among other criteria.


There is no charge for online access to court records or for examining records in person. Charges for copying records in person vary and are set by state law.

Years Available

Court records for all dates are available in person. The Civil Case public access system contains cases back to the 1980s, though some are archived and must be requested.