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New York Administrative Office of the Courts

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25 Beaver St, Rm 840 New York, NY 10004

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The New York Office of Court Administration provides access to court records for many of the state’s appeals and trial courts. Information regarding civil and criminal trials, Supreme and appeals court cases, family court, and housing court cases can be obtained online or in person. The central office has party information, case histories, judgments, and other information for both active and disposed cases in most local, superior, and family courts as well as the state Supreme Court.

New York  Court Record Availability

The details below primarily refer to criminal court cases. The OCA mandates that all criminal record requests made to county Supreme Court Clerks and City Courts be forwarded to this office for processing. Direct questions to

Access to New York Court Records

Retrieving Records

The eCourts system is the New York Office of Court Administration’s online portal for public access to many of the state’s court records. Within eCourts, access information through five specialized areas: Civil Local, Civil Supreme, Crims (criminal cases for 13 counties and summons cases for New York City), Family, and Housing (only New York City). Civil Local, Supreme, and Family cover most courts in all 62 counties. Family, Local, and Crims portals only provide active cases.


There are no charges to access public court records for the Supreme, local, criminal, family, and housing courts through the New York state eCourts system.

Years Available

Case records available online to the public date back to 1983 for the WebCivil Local and Supreme portals. WebCrims, Family, and Housing portals contain only active cases.