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Ohio Administrative Director

Court Records

State office

Administrative Director

Supreme Court of Ohio

65 S Front Street Columbus, OH 43215-3431

Records Available:

The Ohio judicial system is comprised of the Supreme Court, courts of appeals, courts of common pleas, and other inferior courts: claims, municipal, county, and mayor’s courts. The mayor’s courts hear alcohol and drug violations; municipal and county courts hear traffic, civil, and criminal cases. There are courts of common pleas in each of the 88 counties, with general, domestic relations, juvenile, and probate divisions. The Administrative Director of the Court is the senior non-elected officer.

Ohio  Court Record Availability

This office does not provide access to county court records. Except for certain online research capabilities, all trial court record access must be done at the local level.

Access to Ohio Court Records

Retrieving Records

Court records are requested from the Clerk of the Court where the case was heard. Historical records dating to 1787 are at the Ohio Historical Society and Ohio/National Archives. Most of the municipal and common pleas courts have a records search system in place, but it is not a comprehensive system: each court must be searched individually, civil versus criminal records individually. In addition, every court does not participate, and they do not all use the same system.


Free online record searching is performed at each court individually and by type of record. Clerks of Court will make copies at a nominal fee.

Years Available

Court record availability by online searching varies by court but often dates to the 1990s. Earlier records must be located at each court or the Historical Society/Archives.