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Ohio  Administrative Director

About This Office:

The Ohio Office of the Administrative Director is a constitutional position that works alongside the Justices of the Court and the Ohio Judicial Conference to establish a direction for Ohio’s Judicial Branch.

Court Records At This Office:

To access Ohio court records through the Office of the Administrative Director, individuals need to contact the Clerk of Courts in the county where the case was heard. Individuals may search by case number, by attorney name, and by judge name through the online search tools.

Access To Ohio Court Records:

The Ohio judicial system is comprised of the Supreme Court, courts of appeals, courts of common pleas, and other inferior courts: claims, municipal, county, and mayor’s courts. The mayor’s courts hear alcohol and drug violations; municipal and county courts hear traffic, civil, and criminal cases. There are courts of common pleas in each of the 88 counties, with general, domestic relations, juvenile, and probate divisions. The Administrative Director of the Court is the senior non-elected officer.

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