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Oregon’s 36 circuit courts, the trial court of general jurisdiction, hear civil and criminal cases. Until 1998, there existed district trial courts, since merged into the Circuit Courts. Above the circuit courts are the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. Below the circuit courts are “local” courts outside the state-funded system: municipal, county, and justice courts, which have jurisdiction limited to less serious cases, not overseen by the Office of the State Court Administrator.

Oregon  Court Record Availability

The Appellate Courts office is located at 1163 State St. The profile below indicates how to obtain records online. Otherwise, all requests must be done at the local circuit court.

Access to Oregon Court Records

Retrieving Records

Maintained by the Office of the State Court Administrator, OJIN (Oregon Judicial Information Network) contains the judgment dockets and official Register of Actions from all Oregon state courts for all 36 counties. Searches can be made search for civil, small claims, tax, domestic, and criminal (including misdemeanor and felony) cases, excluding confidential/protected ones. OJIN includes court case data back to 1994. Search results include dates, case numbers, parties, docket information, dispositions, sentences, warrants issued, and fiscal information.


A subscription to OJIN entails a one-time set-up fee of $295 plus $10/month. Free OJIN access is available at every Oregon circuit court.

Years Available

Oregon’s online OJIN records date back at least to 1998 and, in some counties, to 1994. Historical records are available at the Oregon State Archives.