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Oregon  Court Administrator

About This Office:

The Oregon Office of the State Court Administrator is an administrative arm of the Oregon Judicial Department. It is responsible for overseeing the state courts and local trial courts of the state of Oregon. Some of the information maintained through the State Court Administrator includes: business and fiscal services, administrative and executive services, enterprise technology services, and the Office of Education, Training and Outreach.

Court Records At This Office:

Access to Oregon court records through the Oregon Office of the State Court Administrator can be found in the Oregon Judicial Information Network (OJIN), which contains dockets and official registers of action for all Oregon courts, including state, trial and appellate.

Access To Oregon Court Records:

Oregon’s 36 circuit courts, the trial court of general jurisdiction, hear civil and criminal cases. Until 1998, there existed district trial courts, since merged into the Circuit Courts. Above the circuit courts are the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. Below the circuit courts are “local” courts outside the state-funded system: municipal, county, and justice courts, which have jurisdiction limited to less serious cases, not overseen by the Office of the State Court Administrator.

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