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South Carolina Court Administrator

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South Carolina’s judicial system is divided into three tiers: trial courts (circuit, family, probate, magistrate, and municipal courts), the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court. The South Carolina Court Administration has responsibility over all records. Online record information includes number, agency, dates, type, status, disposition, parties, judgments, actions, associated cases for the trial courts, and rosters for the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court. Records back to 1721 are located at the Department of Archives and History.

South Carolina  Court Record Availability

All trial court record access must be done at the local level.

Access to South Carolina Court Records

Retrieving Records

Civil and criminal court records in South Carolina are in the public domain and can be obtained through the clerk of the appropriate court. Summary case information is available online through “Case Records Search” on the South Carolina Judicial Department website, maintained by the South Carolina Court Administration. All 46 South Carolina counties have trial court records online including civil, criminal and traffic court cases. Some counties have separate websites with extended search capabilities.


The online “Case Records Search” is free. Copies of court cases files can be requested from the appropriate clerk of court for a nominal fee.

Years Available

The online search covers different time periods by county and court, with some records from the 1980s. Some counties maintain ancillary websites for earlier cases.