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South Dakota  State Court Administrator

About This Office:

The South Dakota State Court Administrator’s Office is responsible for maintaining the administrative services of the South Dakota Unified Judicial System. Some of the information maintained by the State Court Administrator’s Office includes: a calendar, opinions, rules hearing, judiciary messages, A Guide to Courts, annual reports, councils and committees, and rules and regulations.

Court Records At This Office:

Access to South Dakota records through the South Dakota State Court Administrator’s Office by utilizing the statewide criminal record search program. All records, with the exception of juvenile records, are available through this system.

Access To South Dakota Court Records:

South Dakota’s judicial system, unified in 1972 to eliminate county and district courts, is comprised of three tiers: the Supreme Court, circuit courts of general jurisdiction, and lower courts of limited jurisdiction, all overseen by the South Dakota State Court Administrator. The Supreme Court’s primary function is as an appeals court. The seven circuit courts have original jurisdiction in all civil and criminal cases, while the magistrate courts handle minor criminal cases and less serious civil actions.

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