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Utah Court Administrator

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PO Box 140241 Salt Lake City, UT 84114-0241

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Utah’s unusual court history started in the LDS church, becoming civil in 1849 and federal in 1874. The current court system began with statehood in 1896 and consists of a Supreme Court, a Court of Appeals, and district, juvenile, and justice courts, with the Utah Court Administrator responsible for all. Cases in district courts include domestic, civil, and criminal cases. Justice courts are limited jurisdiction courts, with cases including lesser misdemeanors, infractions, traffic, and small claims cases.

Access to Utah Court Records

Retrieving Records

Utah’s online subscription system, XChange (under the auspices of the Utah Court Administrator), is based on CORIS (the Courts Information System), the digital court filing system. XChange details names of parties, party addresses (if available), assigned judges, attorneys of record, documents filed, hearings held, judgments entered, and the outcome of completed cases for both district and justice cases. Appellate records are filed with the trial court records. Historical records are available at the Utah State Archives.


Subscribing to Xchange costs $25 for setup (one time) and then $30 per month. Document images are available for purchase on XChange.

Years Available

XChange includes records back to 1998 for most district court cases. All justice court cases are on XChange as of 2011. Conversion of old cases to XChange is ongoing.