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Utah  Court Administrator

About This Office:

The Utah Court Administrator is the administrative arm for the Utah State Court System, which includes the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals. Some of the information maintained by the Court Administrator includes: court contact information, court calendar, court rules and opinions, classes and employment opportunities.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in accessing Utah court records through the Utah Court Administrator can follow links on the Utah State Court’s website. Individuals may search for public records, appellate dockets and court records, district court records, and archived court records. In addition, individuals may search for district court records online through the state’s XCHange online database.

Access To Utah Court Records:

Utah’s unusual court history started in the LDS church, becoming civil in 1849 and federal in 1874. The current court system began with statehood in 1896 and consists of a Supreme Court, a Court of Appeals, and district, juvenile, and justice courts, with the Utah Court Administrator responsible for all. Cases in district courts include domestic, civil, and criminal cases. Justice courts are limited jurisdiction courts, with cases including lesser misdemeanors, infractions, traffic, and small claims cases.

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