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Vermont  Executive Secretary

About This Office:

The Vermont Court Administrator is the administrative arm for the Vermont Judiciary and assists in the management of the court system. Some of the information provided through the Court Administrator includes: court information, court programs, jury information, job opportunities in the judiciary, statistics and reports, and judicial restructuring.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in obtaining information regarding Vermont court records through the Vermont Court Administrator can do so by visiting Vermont Courts Online. The online court record information can be found for all of Vermont’s District and Family Courts and all of its Superior Courts. Detailed case information for Civil and Small Claims Courts and the Superior Courts may also be found in this system.

Access To Vermont Court Records:

Administered by the Office of the Court Administrator, Vermont’s judicial system was divided in 1990 into civil, criminal, family, probate, and environmental. Further divisions operate in each of the counties, with the Supreme Court having appellate jurisdiction over all five divisions. Before 1990 the judicial system was divided by county, with county courts (renamed to superior courts) and district courts. The Vermont Public Records Division preserves historical records on microfilm; recent cases remain at the county court offices.

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