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Virginia  Court Administrator

About This Office:

The Virginia Court Administration provides administrative functions for Virginia’s Judicial System. Some of the information maintained through the Court Administration, Office of the Executive Secretary includes: educational services, fiscal services, historical commissions, human resources, judicial planning, and judicial services.

Court Records At This Office:

Individuals interested in obtaining Virginia court records can do so through the Virginia Court Administration’s Case Status and Information Page, which contains records for some court cases in some courts. Individuals must search for court cases using the name and location of the court, as well as by name and/or case number.

Access To Virginia Court Records:

The judicial system of Virginia includes the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, 120 circuit courts in 31 circuits, and general district courts in 32 districts, with all court records under the dominion of the Office of the Executive Secretary (OES). The circuit courts are the trial courts of general jurisdiction, for both civil and criminal cases. The district courts hear criminal, civil, and traffic cases before a judge (no jury trials), typically for misdemeanors and smaller civil cases.

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