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Wyoming Court Administrator

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Court Administrator

Supreme Court Bldg

2301 Capitol Ave Cheyenne, WY 82002

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The Wyoming judicial system was established in 1868 with a supreme court, under which are district and circuit courts in each of the 23 counties. The district courts are trial courts with general jurisdiction over civil and felony criminal cases, divorces, and probate matters. The circuit courts have limited jurisdiction, hearing only criminal misdemeanors and smaller civil cases. The Wyoming Court Administrator is responsible for the Supreme Court Electronic Docket as well as all non-electronic court documents.

Wyoming  Court Record Availability

Except for certain online research capabilities, all court record access must be done at the local level.

Access to Wyoming Court Records

Retrieving Records

The only court records available online by the Wyoming Court Administrator are those of the Supreme Court (Wyoming Appellate Case Management System), with records dating from 2006. Each Clerk of Court maintains case files (complaints, answers, pleadings, orders, judgments, and written opinions) and a docket showing all cases filed and decided in that court. Since the court records are public documents, Wyoming’s court records are available through private independent companies for online searching for a fee.


Copies of recent cases can be made at the Clerk’s office for 50 cents/page, or the State Law Library, or for older cases the Wyoming State Archives.

Years Available

The Clerk’s Office of each court maintains cases for the current year and three prior years only; older cases are retained by the Wyoming State Archives.