Hire a Court Runner

Retrieve nearly any U.S. court record directly from the court house

Court Runner Many court records are not digitized yet, which means the only way to obtain these records is by going to the actual courthouses.

With PeopleSmart, you can bypass this hard work and simply file a request online. Someone from our network of court-runners will go retrieve the records and then send you the results. Average response time is 38 hours.

Criminal Records include:
  • Felonies
  • Misdemeanors
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Some traffic violations
  • Offense Data
  • Other
Civil Records include:
  • Lawsuits
  • Bankruptcies
  • Civil rights violations
  • Liens and judgments
  • Child custody
  • Other

Enter what you know about who you’re searching for. Name, DOB month and year are required. Exact day of birth and currnet street address help expedite the search but are not required.


Select which county courts you want to search. Each search is only $19.95. This includes court access fees and labor costs. (You will not be responsible for any additional charges.)

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You can also include the following special records in your request at no additional charge. However, these special records may increase the turnaround time for you to receive your results.

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  • County courts can usually provide records going back as far as 7-10 years. Older records are very unlikely to be found.
  • If no records are found, you will still be charged for the researcher's time.
  • Your order and search are confidential. The search subject will not be notified.
  • Payments are safely encrypted on 128-bit SSL and verified by Verisign.
  • Records from New York, North Dakota, and South Dakota are not available.
  • The average turnaround time from order to delivery is 38 hours. View average time by state.
  • If a request is not fulfilled within 7 days your search fee will be refunded (while rare, this can happen if a county is backlogged with requests).
  • Searches can be conducted for lawfully permitted reasons only and must be compliant with our Terms of Use.
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