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Arkansas Department of Public Safety

Court Records

State office

Arkansas State Police

Identification Bureau

#1 State Police Plaza Dr Little Rock, AR 72209

Records Available:

Arkansas criminal records include felony and misdemeanor convictions, pending Arkansas felony arrests within the past three years, and whether a person is a registered sex offender. Only law enforcement agencies can obtain records for pending misdemeanor charges and arrests for cases that were dismissed or acquitted.

Arkansas  Court Record Availability

The public may obtain criminal history records, including third parties on behalf of employers. A signed, notarized release form must be on file with the requesting entity.

Access to Arkansas Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Arkansas State Police performs criminal background checks using data from the Arkansas Crime Information Center (ACIC). By state law, only the individual, law enforcement agencies, and qualified employers may access criminal records. Requestors must have a signed release from the record subject. Records may be requested by mail with a signed, notarized copy of State Police Form A-122. Qualified employers may obtain access to an online criminal background check database by applying for authorization through the state police.


Obtaining criminal records by mail from the Arkansas State Police costs $25 per request. Authorized users of the state’s online system must pay $22 per name-based request or $16.50 per fingerprint-based request.

Years Available

Criminal records are available for as long as the individual lives. A living record subject must sign the request form in order for it to be valid.