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Arizona State Police

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Records Available:

Arizona criminal records are available to individuals for the sole purpose of reviewing personal criminal histories. Only law enforcement agencies and approved employers may request the criminal records of other individuals. Criminal records will detail any arrests, dispositions and convictions for felonies or domestic violence.

Access to Arizona Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Criminal History Records Section, a division of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, acts as the Central State Repository for the state’s criminal records. Arizona criminal justice agencies are required to submit information about arrests and dispositions to this central repository. Only record subjects and authorized agencies may request copies of criminal records. Individuals can request a copy of their criminal record by completing the department’s Record Review Instruction Packet. The packet includes a fingerprint card and a return envelope.


The Arizona Department of Public Safety’s Criminal History Records Section does not charge a fee for a copy of a criminal history record.

Years Available

Employers conducting background checks, authorized law enforcement agencies, and the subject of a criminal record may request copies of these records for as long as the individual is alive.