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California Department of Justice

Court Records

State office

Department of Justice

Records Security Section

PO Box 903417 Sacramento, CA 94203-4170

Records Available:

The DOJ is required to maintain California criminal records, which include arrests, detentions and dispositions reported by law enforcement and the courts. California criminal records are kept in the system until the individual turns 100 years old. Individuals may request their own criminal record for review. Only law enforcement or approved employers may request third party criminal records.

California  Court Record Availability

Penal Code Sec. 11105.3 limits access to searches involving child care, the elderly, the handicapped and mentally impaired. The subject can obtain their own copy, but the record cannot be used for employment or licensing.

Access to California Court Records

Retrieving Records

The California Department of Justice (DOJ) maintains the state’s criminal records. According to state law, individuals may request copies of their own records from the DOJ. Law enforcement agencies and authorized applicant agencies may also request criminal records, but other third party requests will not be processed. California residents must submit fingerprint scans using the Live Scan form; out-of-state record subjects must submit a fingerprint card. The Request for Live Scan Service form is available on the DOJ website.


A fee of $25 is charged to individuals who wish to receive a copy of their criminal record. This processing fee is paid to the California Department of Justice.

Years Available

According to California state law regarding criminal record retention, records are maintained by the DOJ until the individual reaches 100 years old.