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Colorado Bureau of Investigation

Court Records

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Bureau of Investigation, State Repository

Identification Unit

690 Kipling St, Suite 3000 Denver, CO 80215

Records Available:

Only arrests with fingerprints are recorded in the CCH. Colorado criminal records are considered public, so CCH enables citizens and employers to search Colorado criminal records using this online system. The only criminal records not considered public information are sealed records, warrant information and juvenile records. Otherwise, all dispositions and convictions will be listed.

Access to Colorado Court Records

Retrieving Records

Criminal records are open to the public in Colorado, and any private party, employer, or agency may request access to this information. Juvenile records, sealed criminal records, and warrant information are the only records that are not available to the public. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation provides access to open records on its online database. A notarized or official record may be obtained by mail by sending a written request to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.


The cost of accessing criminal records through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation’s web-based system is $6.85 per search, payable online by credit card or pre-paid account. The cost of an official hard copy of a record is $13, payable by cashier’s check, money order, or credit card.

Years Available

According to personnel at the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, criminal records are available dating back to the 1960s and earlier.