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Delaware State Police

Court Records

State office

Delaware State Police

State Bureau of Identification

PO Box 430 Dover, DE 19903-0430

Records Available:

Delaware criminal records are available for individuals to review their own criminal history. Your criminal records will include all arrests, dispositions, convictions, pending charges and arrests where the charges were dismissed. Law enforcement agencies and approved employers are the exception, provided they have a criminal justice related reason to view a criminal history.

Access to Delaware Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Delaware State Police serves as a repository of criminal records. Record subjects, law enforcement agencies, and certain employers may request copies of an individual’s criminal record. The State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), a division of the Delaware State Police, performs criminal history background checks through fingerprinting. Individuals can request a certified copy of their criminal history by making an appointment for fingerprinting with one of the SBI offices in Sussex, Kent, or New Castle counties.


A State of Delaware Background Check costs $45; a combined state and federal background check costs $69. Payment may be made with cash, credit or debit cards, bank checks, company checks, or money orders.

Years Available

Delaware criminal records are available for as long as the record subject is alive and are archived according to the state’s record retention requirements. Records retention is managed by the Central Offender Records department.