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Georgia Bureau of Investigation

Court Records

State office

Georgia Bureau of Investigation

Attn: GCIC

PO Box 370808 Decatur, GA 30037-0808

Records Available:

Georgia criminal records that include Georgia felony convictions, sentences and pleas are considered public information and may be requested at any local law enforcement agency. For complete criminal records, individual consent is required if requesting another person’s criminal records for personal reasons or employment purposes. Individuals may request their own criminal records for review.

Georgia  Court Record Availability

GCIC is the central criminal records repository for the State. Record requests must be made electronically via an electronic fingerprinting device or via the Georgia Applicant Processing Service (GAPS). The office will not answer the phone after 2PM.

Access to Georgia Court Records

Retrieving Records

In Georgia, felony conviction records may be requested by any member of the public without the consent of the record subject. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation maintains an online database of criminal history records at the Georgia Felon Search website. Website users may access criminal history information online if they have the name and date of birth of the offender. Sheriff’s departments and police departments throughout the state of Georgia can also provide access to criminal records.


A criminal history request using the Georgia Felon Search website costs $15, payable by credit card only. Georgia law enforcement agencies may charge up to $20 per request for a felony conviction record.

Years Available

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation maintains criminal history records throughout the individual’s lifetime. Historical records for deceased convicts may be requested from the Georgia Crime Information Center in Decatur.