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Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center

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465 S King St, Room 101 Honolulu, HI 96813

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Hawaii considers all arrests that result in convictions with a guilty plea to be public information. Hawaii criminal records considered protected include juvenile records and arrest records that are pending or resulted in non-convictions. Only approved employers and law enforcement agencies may view complete criminal histories, except for individuals requesting their own Hawaii criminal records.

Access to Hawaii Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center (HCJDC), an agency of the Department of the Attorney General, is responsible for the state’s criminal history record system. Members of the public can access conviction records on the state’s Adult Criminal Information Site (eCrim) or at Public Access sites throughout Hawaii. Users may search for offenders by name, date of birth, Social Security number, or gender. After locating a record online, users may purchase a certified copy. Criminal records may be obtained by completing the agency’s request form and mailing a hard copy to the HCJDC in Honolulu.


The cost of obtaining a printed copy of a criminal record at a Public Access site is $15. The cost of a criminal name check performed by HCJDC staff is $20.

Years Available

Criminal records are kept by the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center for as long as the record subject is alive. Records may be retained after death in accordance with the state’s record retention requirements.