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Indiana Criminal Records

Indiana Criminal, Inmate & Background Check Information At Corrections & Police Departments

Indiana criminal records check and search

Where To Access Criminal Records In Indiana

Indiana State Police Bureau of Identification

About This Office:

The Indiana State Police (ISP) maintains all criminal records for the state in a central database. The ISP also oversees several divisions, including the Criminal Investigation Division, Communications Division and Operations Support.

Criminal Records At This Office:

ISP offers an online service for the public to request and obtain limited criminal records faster than by mailing your request, although mailed requests are accepted. If you plan to request numerous searches, in the instance of an employer, for example, you can subscribe to the online service and pay $15 per name search. Non-subscribers pay $16.32 per name using a credit card. Mailed requests cost $7 per name for limited criminal records, and complete criminal records (for individuals only) for review purposes cost $10.

Access To Indiana Criminal Records:

Only limited Indiana criminal records are available to the public, which include class A misdemeanor and felony arrests. Complete criminal records are available to authorized employment agencies or businesses, law enforcement and to individuals wishing to review their personal criminal records.

How To Lookup Inmate & Incarceration Records In Indiana

Indiana Department of Corrections

About This Office:

The Indiana Department of Corrections (IDOC) is committed to promoting public safety by releasing offenders who are rehabilitated and prepared to lead a crime-free life.

Inmate Records At This Office:

The public may go online to perform Indiana inmate lookup and use the IDOC online database to search for offender information. Using an Indiana inmate lookup through IDOC is easy, and users can search using the IDOC ID number or by last name. Victims of crimes may register with SAVIN (Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification), also through IDOC, to receive updated information on a specific offender, such as a sudden transfer or release. SAVIN is available online, and the public may access offender information also without registering, but victims may also call for information.

Access To Indiana Inmate Records:

IDOC provides the public and victims with access to public inmate records. These include the location of the offender, the offender’s current status, transfers and the inmate’s tentative release date. Also, physical descriptors will appear as part of the inmate’s record, as well as a description of all offenses for which the individual is currently incarcerated.

Run A Background Check In Indiana

Indiana  State Police

About This Office:

People conduct Indiana background searches for a variety of reasons, whether to check on those living in the neighborhood or screen potential employees before hiring them. The place to begin an Indiana criminal background search is through the Indiana State Police. This office offers a wide range of information on felonies and class A misdemeanor arrests. The online search tool makes obtaining information on Indiana residents easy and convenient.

Background Checks At This Office:

The Indiana State Police offers a variety of Indiana background check options. All felonies and misdemeanor arrests made during the previous year are included, as well as arrests dating back further that rendered a disposition from the courts. Records have been maintained in the state of Indiana since the 1930s, so most Indiana background searches conducted today will have ample information available.

Access To Indiana Background Records:

With an online service now available, Indiana criminal background checks have never been easier. Interested parties can also download the request form online, complete it, and mail it back to the office with the appropriate fee. For those who will be conducting frequent Indiana background checks, such as employers, a subscription service is also available.

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