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Kansas Bureau of Investigation

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Kansas Bureau of Investigation

Criminal Records Division

1620 SW Tyler, Crim. History Record Sec. Topeka, KS 66612-1837

Records Available:

Kansas is an open record state, meaning that anyone may perform a Kansas criminal records search. Public criminal records include all adult convictions resulting in a guilty plea or verdict, as well as pending court dispositions or open diversions. Juvenile records, charges that resulted in no conviction, expunged records and successful diversions are not considered public information and may only be requested by law enforcement or approved employment entities.

Access to Kansas Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation provides access to criminal records held by the Kansas Central Repository. In Kansas, any citizen may request a personal record check or may request a copy of another party’s criminal records. Criminal records may be retrieved online at the Kansas Bureau of Investigation’s website. The database is unavailable between the hours of midnight and 4 AM central standard time due to routine maintenance. Requests for certified records and complete criminal records must be submitted by mail to the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.


The fee for a criminal record search is $35. Payment for certified fingerprint-based or name-based searches must be included with the request.

Years Available

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation maintains records throughout the life of the record subject. Contact the Kansas Bureau of Investigation Criminal Records Division for information on historical records.