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Kentucky State Police

Court Records

State office

Kentucky State Police

Criminal Identification & Records Branch

1250 Louisville Rd Frankfort, KY 40601
8AM-4:30PM M-F

Records Available:

Kentucky restricts access to criminal records to authorized users only, so Kentucky criminal records are not released to the general public. Only authorized entities may conduct a criminal records check, including authorized employers, state agencies and law enforcement agencies. KSP will also release criminal records for housing, licensing, emigration and adoption or foster care purposes, as well as to individuals requesting to review their personal criminal record.

Kentucky  Court Record Availability

This agencies suggests if no signed release to use the Administrative Office of Courts in Frankfort, KY; phone 502-573-2350.

Access to Kentucky Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Kentucky State Police restricts access to criminal records to law enforcement agencies, certain employers, and other authorized users. Authorized users and record subjects may request criminal history records through the Kentucky State Police Records Branch, Name Search Section. Criminal background check forms may be downloaded online at the Kentucky State Police website. Background check requests must be submitted by mail or in person. Record requests are not accepted by fax or email.


There is a $20 fee for each background check request. Payment must be mailed with the request or hand-delivered to the Kentucky State Police.

Years Available

The Kentucky State Police maintains criminal history records throughout the life of the individual in question. Authorized requestors may contact the Criminal Identifications and Records Branch about historical criminal records.