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Massachusetts State Bureau of Investigation

Court Records

State office

Criminal History Systems Board


200 Arlington Street, #2200 Chelsea, MA 02150

Records Available:

Massachusetts criminal records may be requested by the public, although only limited criminal records information is revealed in public requests. Public records include all adult convictions, both felonies and misdemeanors, that resulted in imprisonment. Authorized employers, state agencies and law enforcement may access complete criminal histories, as well as individuals requesting to review their own criminal record.

Massachusetts  Court Record Availability

These CORI searches are offered: 1) Personal, 2) Certified Agency, 3) Publicly Accessible (PUBAC). Certified Agency requests are pre-approved via statute or the Board. PUBAC is open to the public; data is limited.

Access to Massachusetts Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services (DCJIS), a division of the state’s Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, maintains an online criminal history request service called iCORI. Individuals and organizations must register for access to iCORI. Alternatively, record subjects, authorized agencies, and members of the general public may submit written requests on the appropriate departmental request form. Written requests must be mailed to the DCJIS.


Some iCORI users must pay a fee for this electronic record service. Record subjects or authorized agencies who submit a written record request must pay a $25 fee by check or money order, or must include a waiver due to indigence. Individuals who request another party’s records using the open access request form must pay $50 per subject.

Years Available

Criminal records are maintained by the Massachusetts Department of Criminal Justice Information Services throughout the subject’s lifetime. Historical record requests should be addressed to the DCJIS.