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Maryland Criminal Justice Information System

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Criminal Justice Information System

Public Safety & Correctional Records

PO Box 32708 Pikeville, MD 21282-5743

Records Available:

Maryland criminal records are only available to authorized state, government and employment entities, as well as criminal justice agencies. Individuals may receive a copy of their personal Maryland criminal record, which will contain all arrest records whether a conviction resulted or not. Also, juvenile records and pending dispositions will also be included.

Maryland  Court Record Availability

You may link to Customer Service Unit via the website in order to download a petition for authorization and return the petition via fax or mail.

Access to Maryland Court Records

Retrieving Records

The Maryland Criminal Justice Information System (CJIS) acts as a repository for the state’s criminal records. The CJIS performs criminal background checks for record subjects, employers, criminal justice agencies, and other authorized agencies. Individuals seeking their own records must submit a fingerprint card to the CJIS Central Repository by overnight mail or regular mail. Authorized agencies may request criminal records using the CJIS General Registration Form. The completed form may be mailed, faxed, or delivered in person.


A Maryland state background check for individuals or agencies costs $18; a background check with a Gold Seal costs $19. There is no fee for criminal justice agencies. Fingerprinting fees are charged separately.

Years Available

The Maryland Criminal Justice Information System Central Repository keeps criminal records throughout the subject’s lifetime. Fingerprint cards are housed in the Central Repository’s archive, which holds approximately 2.8 million cards.